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Capital Cladding, the capital's leading cladding specialists offer a full range of cladding services.

Working with developers through to expert installations with all the stages in between.

Customer service at Capital Cladding is our key to success which includes free consultations and quotations, innovative design and analysis by the specialist team as well as professional fitting.

Outstanding quality together with service leaves developers and builders with a piece of mind and allows them to crack on with the other aspects of their development.

We offer insurance backed warranty that are approved by ICW and other building defect warranty providers 

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Whatever type of project you’re working on – whether new-build, renovation, extension or conversion – using metal cladding gives you the chance to achieve a highly individual design.

Available in a wide range of materials, profiles and colours, it’s a fantastic choice for contemporary schemes but also fits the bill for a variety of traditional projects,

Metal cladding can be laid vertically, horizontally or diagonally to suit your tastes, and is even capable of being applied to curved facades and a variety of unusual shapes. It’s available in a range of corrugated and other profiles, or can be laid flat as part of a panelised installation for an ultra-modern effect.

What’s more, it works fantastically alongside a whole host of cladding materials – including render and timber.


Choosing a metal

There are four key materials to choose from: steel, aluminium, zinc and copper. Modern production techniques mean that metals can be pre-aged, coated to preserve the original shine or supplied in a huge range of painted and powder-coated hues according to your preference.

But there’s more to consider than simply the metal and finish – the profile shape and jointing type can have a surprising effect on the perceived colour and texture of your cladding.


Steel cladding

This is usually supplied hot-dip galvanised (typically with zinc or a zinc-aluminium alloy) to provide a robust finish. It’s available in a huge range of colours and effects, from high-gloss reflective surfaces to pretty much any factory-painted hue.


Aluminium Cladding

Steel’s main rival is an extremely lightweight material, which can help to minimise loads on the building and potentially reduce your outlay on foundations.

As aluminium’s surface oxidises it produces a hard, dense protective layer that prevents corrosion, Coatings can be added to further enhance its natural qualities or to achieve the colour and finish you desire.


Zinc Cladding

Boasting a silvery aesthetic when freshly installed, which weathers to an attractive lead-like hue over time if left untreated, zinc is a highly durable surface.

 As well as its natural greyish hue, it’s also available in a pre-weathered black finish.


Copper Cladding

This elegant metal is prized for its ability to develop a self-protecting and virtually maintenance-free verdigris patina.

If left to age, copper will mellow from bright golden-bronze tones through dark browns to a characteristic blue-green finish.

New products include mesh-style claddings with colour-preserving coatings that can create a highly individual look.

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