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Metal Cladding Services London

Here at Capital Cladding London, our bespoke cladding installation, repair, replacement and consultancy is renowned across the capital of London. Although we are based in Brent Cross, we offer our cladding services across the entire London area, working alongside clients, developers and builders to help create the perfect cladding solution for your commercial or residential property.


Our cladding comes in an impressive variety of styles, materials and finishes; all of which can be tailored to you and your specific requirements for ultimate customer satisfaction.


We start from the supply stage where quality products are supplied and exceptional customer service is given to developers and end users.


Our installation is done by a highly professional team ensuring extremely high quality and safe solutions.


Innovative and forward-thinking together with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve the industry.

Metal Cladding Installer London

Welcome to Capital Cladding, London. We are innovative and forward thinking cladding solution specialists, with a wealth of collected knowledge and industry expertise that has been refined over our many years of service. Regarded as the leading cladding company in the industry, our level of service is incomparable to any other cladding specialist you may have worked with in the past.

We have worked alongside countless developers, and ensure to handle all aspects of your installation,  including your initial design, analysis and professional fitting. We believe that safe and high-quality cladding for your home or business shouldn’t cost a fortune, and that everyone deserves to have access to our bespoke services, which is why we never charge for your quote or consultation, and aim to keep our prices as low and transparent as possible. We also ensure to avoid confusing industry jargon, so you understand every step of the process, and feel comfortable with the work we have planned for your home or business.

Capital Cladding leading the industry!


Some of the many cladding solutions we offer include:

  • Steel - Usually hot-dip galvanised for a robust finish, available in a huge array of colours and finishes.

  • Aluminium - Extremely customisable & reduces strain on foundations.

  • Copper - Self-protecting & low maintenance.

  • Zinc - Durable with pre-weathered finishes available.


With a huge range of cladding options, all of which can be designed and installed in whatever style and/or finish you prefer, it’s never been simpler to give your home or business the perfect finish with our bespoke cladding solutions. Not only this, but with our ICW approved, insurance backed warranty, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that every aspect of your cladding installation is in our safe and capable hands.

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Choosing a metal

There are four key materials to choose from: steel, aluminium, zinc and copper. Modern production techniques mean that metals can be pre-aged, coated to preserve the original shine or supplied in a huge range of painted and powder-coated hues according to your preference.

But there’s more to consider than simply the metal and finish – the profile shape and jointing type can have a surprising effect on the perceived colour and texture of your cladding.


Steel cladding

This is usually supplied hot-dip galvanised (typically with zinc or a zinc-aluminium alloy) to provide a robust finish. It’s available in a huge range of colours and effects, from high-gloss reflective surfaces to pretty much any factory-painted hue.


Aluminium Cladding

Steel’s main rival is an extremely lightweight material, which can help to minimise loads on the building and potentially reduce your outlay on foundations.

As aluminium’s surface oxidises it produces a hard, dense protective layer that prevents corrosion, Coatings can be added to further enhance its natural qualities or to achieve the colour and finish you desire.


Zinc Cladding

Boasting a silvery aesthetic when freshly installed, which weathers to an attractive lead-like hue over time if left untreated, zinc is a highly durable surface.

 As well as its natural greyish hue, it’s also available in a pre-weathered black finish.


Copper Cladding

This elegant metal is prized for its ability to develop a self-protecting and virtually maintenance-free verdigris patina.

If left to age, copper will mellow from bright golden-bronze tones through dark browns to a characteristic blue-green finish.

New products include mesh-style claddings with colour-preserving coatings that can create a highly individual look.

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please contact us using the form below or the details provided.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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